How To Start

What Are The Features Of This Meetup And Chat Room site

This theme comes with a built in chat room for members to chat.
Members can invite other members who are online to chat with them in your chat room. Once the request is sent a pop-up will appear on the received end informing them of the request.

Theme allows members to register and access their own account area where they can quickly access their profile pages, update account settings and find out who’s been liking their profile.

Theme comes with a built-in private messing function which allows members to contact each other to chat.

Member Gifts/winks
Let members send free gifts to each other to help them get conversation started.

+1 Like System
This theme has a built-in like system which allows users and to like members they are interested in. The profile owner can then see which users liked their profiles to initiate contact.

How Much Is The Premium Listing And How To Pay

We only use Victoriouscoin (VTY) as payment for our premium listing
the cost is 1 million (0.02 Bitcoin) Victoriouscoin for one year membership now selling 2 sats on this exchanges.

Where Can I buy Victoriouscoin (VTY)

You can buy Victoriouscoin (VTY) at this following trading sites



How To Pay

Send your 1 million Victoriouscoin (VTY) to this VTY address


Go To Our Contact Us Page And Sent Us A Message Using This Format
username :
Transaction id :
Additional Comments :
We will activate your account immediately once we received your payment and your message